Avoid too high expectations. Read the house-rules.


Read these HIPTV house-rules attentively.

  • Do not use more than one device at the time. Do not share your account with any third party. In case you wish to look at an extra device simultaneously, you need to purchase an extra account for each device.

  • You order nothing but HIPTV. We do not sell or prolong any accounts by different providers.

  • Where-ever you might want to use HIPTV, you will need at least a stable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps. You can perform a speed-check at speedtest.net.

Wifi on campsites or hotels is often not fast enough for full HD broadcasts. Also the internet abroad is not always as fast and/or stable as you are used to in your own country.

  • Prior to your order you´ve been able to try HIPTV for 24 hours. Make sure your devices and software are suited to receive HIPTV.

  • IPTV is cheaper than the usual cable- or satellite TV, but is not a fully-fledged replacement. For instance, when you are a passionate follower of sports, you might want to consider a subscription with a cable- or satellite provider. So do not complaint of any wavering transmittance during an important match.

  • Due to influences beyond our competence, mutations in the channel-list may occur. So if a certain channel has stopped broadcasting, there is no need for a complaint. It is a consequence of the IPTV phenomena.

  • HIPTV operates according to a Fair-Use policy, which means we allow an average utilization only. So for example downloading Video-on-Demand (VOD) too intensively is prohibited. It is up to HIPTV exclusively to judge on this matter.

  • Any thread of any kind to HIPTV or one of its employees, shall automatically at all time result into a shut-down of your account or any other service. Refunds will in these cases not be made.

  • Other reasons to immediately stop our services are for instance complaints and/or claims with PayPal or any other institute.

  • HIPTV sincerely hopes you will enjoy our services.




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