V: Is IPTV legal ?

A: Most certainly, the technology IPTV itself is legal, and has been used in hotels and hospitals for a long time. We provide a legal IPTV service and pay the copyright fees and taxes. The stories in the media about fines and lawsuits relate to the charlatans that illegally re-stream for a nickle-and-dime. So do not worry, only the wheat is separated from the chaff. Therefore, a VPN is not necessary and can slow down your internet and streams and thus works counter productive.

V: I received the link by email, how can I get a picture?

A: Clicking on the link does not automatically show picture. You need an IPTV app such as Kodi 17.3.  More (dutch) info is found here.  Please note that you copy and paste the link, because typing goes wrong 9 out of 10 times.  Behind m3u you find a _ (underscore) and not a space.  Also characters like the i, 1 and l just like the 0 (nul) and O may look alike, when in doubt paste the link in a wordprocessor and type the password to check if there indeed is a L and not a 1 for example. (Typing errors in the link or already expired 24 hours trials are the most common causes of no picture)

V: Can I also record TV in Kodi?

A: Yes, you can.  Read here (dutch) how to

V: What is de portal link for MAG 254/256 ?

A: http://hiptv.ddns.net:8000/c/ 

V: What is the difference between HIPTV and other providers ?

A: Unlike other providers, we provide English and Dutch support, everybody receives a response to his question or complaint within a few hours and we offer most mainstream (HD) channels plus an already built-in EPG and recorded broadcast.

V: I have interference or no picture, now what ?

A: At a distance, we can not see what you are doing (wrong) and why you do not get a (stable) image.

In order to solve your issue we will need more information.

Therefore please send an email to [email protected] with:

  • The m3u link (that long one ending on =ts) or the MAC address of the MAG 254/256
  • How long have got this malfunction or interference
  • Which channels does it concern
  • What have you already tried to solve this
  • Which hardware and software (version) you use
  • Screenshots or photo’s of your screen

Once we receive this information we will patiently find a solution with you step by step.

Realise that only mailing “it does not work” or “got no picture” is insufficient information to help you, we do not have a (working) crystal ball.

V: Do you have a capacity problem during soccer ?

A: No, this is sometimes speculated, but fortunately, we have overcapacity to handle a heavier load at all times. It’s also not the case if many people are watching a certain channel that this will experience problems. Often, the cause is external or may be a local issue, even by zip code.

V: Is there a difference between a free 24 hour test and a paid link ?

A: No, everyone is looking at the same link, only the end date differs.

V: Am i stuck with a subscription now ?

A: No, we work according to the prepaid principle, so it’s not literally a subscription, but you buy a link with a certain end date. You do not have a contract, no agreement, no permission and no mechanic at the door. We generally call it a subscription, but in fact it’s a prepaid account.

V: Do you automatically renew and will my bank account be debited ?

A: No, nothing will be charged automatically, you must make each payment manually. 

V: Does this work on a Smart TV ?

A: Of course, however, if you use the siptv.eu app, realize that your TV is not a computer and less powerful and fast. In addition, the streams run through siptv’s server and you experience more buffering or even malfunction, which is not due to our streams. They leave our network just fine, but encounter interference due to apps on a smart TV. Also, the EPG of siptv.eu is not ours and less extensive and accurate. Smart IPTV is therefore a fun and easy app, but not a worthy replacement of an external IPTV Media Player (TV box).

V: What equipment do you recommend?

A: For IPTV, the most stable and user-friendly is the Informir MAG 256,  or a good Windows 10 mini PC like the Chuwi Hibox or Intel NUC and for Android the NVIDIA Shield. (Realize that most of the android boxes you buy on markets only cost 15 USD in china and are often not suitable for Full HD and trouble-free television enjoyment, and that we used to be willing to spend hundreds of euros on video recorders.) Also, we do not sell any devices and can not help you with a tv box.