Q:      I have signal interference or no TV-image at all.


A:      Unfortunately we cannot remotely see what you are doing (wrong), nor can we see why your signal is unstable. To handle your problem we need more information.

We lack a crystal ball, so do realize that insufficient information like “it don´t work”  or “I don´t see anything” doesn´t work for us.

So therefore please write us an email to [email protected] containing the following information:

                   ⸿  The M3U link (ending with =ts), or the MAC address of the Infomir MAG   

                   ⸿   The length of time in which the problems occurs

                   ⸿   The channel(s) it concerns. Please mention country-group, 

                        channel number, SD or HD and full channel name.

                   ⸿   What you already have tried to solve the problem.

                   ⸿   The hard- and software (version) you use.

            ⸿   Screenshots or photos, but not as an attachment (will for safety reasons not be opened). 

As soon as we receive your information, we will patiently guide you to find a solution by using a step-by-step procedure.


Q:      Is HIPTV legal?  


A:      IPTV in itself is perfectly legal. It is used in e.g. hotels and hospitals for already quite some time. HIPTV delivers a legal IPTV service.


Q:      How long does it take before I receive my account?


A:      The delivery of your personal account-link varies between a few minutes to a couple of hours. We do our best to deliver swiftly, so we appreciate your patience. Asking for it within 24 hours = your request will be set back to last. In case you haven´t received our email with your account-link, please check your spam-folder first. If it is not there after 24 hours, then please write us an email.


Q:       Can I reach you by phone?


A:       No, is not possible. Each request is handled by order of entry.


Q:      I have received the link. How do I get it working?


A:      Clicking the link does not automatically give you access. You need an IPTV app like Kodi 17.4 (Crypton). Further explanation is to be found here. Make sure you copy and paste the link into Kodi. Typing it manually will most certainly go wrong.

      Beware: directly behind M3U is an _ (underscore), not a spacing!

Also letters and digits such as i, 1 and l may look alike, as well as 0 and O. When in doubt, copy and paste the link in a text editor. Then type the link manually underneath it and check whether it is e.g. an l instead of 1.

Typing errors in the link as well as outdated links, are the most frequent causes of connection failure.


Q:        Is the use of a VPN connection allowed?


A:       Of course it is. But a poor(er) connection will cause screen interference.


Q:      Is it possible to record content in Kodi?


A:      Yes, this is possible. Read here how to do so.


Q:      What is the EPG link for Kodi?


A:      http://hiptv-epg.ddns.net/epg/tvguide.xml     

Copy and paste this link into Kodi´s EPG Settings as XMLTV URL (Remote Path). Then adjust the EPG Time Shift.


Q:      What is the portal link for Infomir MAG?


        A:      http://hiptv.ddns.net:8000/c/


Q:      I do not have a PayPal account. How can I pay?


A:      Due to bank payment problems in the past, we no longer accept money transfers through the bank. Another disadvantage was that some payments were held up by the bank (e.g. weekends), which resulted in annoying delays before the account-link could be sent. So unfortunately for you, one can only pay with PayPal, Skrill, Western Union or with Bitcoin.

PayPal however is safe, fast and offers purchase protection. They guarantee that you will get what you have paid for, or otherwise refund the payment. To be of service HIPTV will pay for the payment-costs. That way we´re all happy.

Might you for whatever reason cannot open a PayPal account, you can choose an alternative method as mentioned here above.


Q:      Is it possible to receive HIPTV abroad?


A:      Yes. HIPTV-streams can be received anywhere around the planet, assuming you have access to a fast internet connection, . Because we provide non geographically restricted streams, there is no need for a VPN service. The strength of IPTV technology is that you can watch your favorite content in for example the Tokyo subway on your phone.

Better even, HIPTV has been used at the highest mountain peak on the planet, The Mount Everest! You can see for yourself in this article (Dutch).


Q:      What is the difference between HIPTV and similar IPTV providers?


A:      As opposed to other providers we offer multilingual support. We will normally respond to any question or complaint within a few hours. Furthermore HIPTV offers the largest HD channel lists with built-in EPG for some languages. 

HIPTV is presently developing a service with which one can review already transmitted shows/programs/series, such as e.g. BBC iPLayer in the UK.


Q:      Do I have an IP-BAN?


A:      In case you can no longer download the M3U-file, please read this explanation about a possible IP-Ban.


Q:      I have a different build/skin and cannot find LIVE TV in the menu.


A:      We are not keen on different builds, because they do not add functionality to Kodi. Different skins usually cause the disappearance of LIVE TV.

       Our advice: remove the build and/or skin and use the default settings in Kodi.


Q:      Do capacity problems occur during sports events?


A:      No, they do generally not. During e.g. sports events, election results, New Year´s Eve or similar mass events, there is obviously much more internet trafficking. The entire network is overloaded and this could defect global connections.

         For that very reason HIPTV has at all times an overcapacity in stock, so we can cope during sudden higher demands. Mind you, it might incidentally occur that a source encounters sudden disturbances because of an overload. In this case the problem lies with another supplier. But always keep in mind that internet trafficking is a very complex technology before the signal finally reaches your home.


Q:      Does the free 24-hours trial link differ from a paid link?


A:      Yes it does. The free trial links do not contain VOD (Video on Demand). Also channel-groups from various countries like India are not included. Neither does te trial link contain porn.  


Q:      Can I use my MAG account in Kodi?


A:      Unfortunately not. M3U and MAG are two entirely different protocols and interfaces.

         If you have bought an account for a Infomir MAG, we do not send you a M3U link. You will only be able to watch IPTV on the device which has the MAC address given by you.


Q:      Can I use my M3U account on a Infomir MAG?


A:      When received a M3U link from us, you will not be able to use it directly in a MAG player. You can however do so with the help of SIPTV.


Q:       Does HIPTV also work with a Formuler?


A:      Yes it does, but beware that a Formuler is not an Informir MAG. We advice you to try-out a 24-hour M3U link for Kodi for a day. 


Q:      When can I prolong my subscription?


A:      You can prolong or renew your subscription at any desired moment. We paste the prolongation or renewal directly onto the end-date of your account. So suppose you buy a one-month subscription and you like to extend it to a year, you will be granted 13 months. So there is no need to postpone till the last minute.


Q:      Am I now stuck on a subscription?


A:      No, you are not. HIPTV works according to the prepaid principle. That means that you do not subscribe, but buy a link with a particular date of ending. You have no contract, no alliance, no banking authorization, no mechanic at your doorstep. However once bought a link, regardless for how long, you cannot cancel that or get a refund.


Q:      Does HIPTV prolong my subscription? Will it be withdrawn from my bank account?


A:      No, we do not. HIPTV does not prolong automatically, only when requested. Every other payment will be done by you only.


Q:      Does HIPTV also work on a Smart TV?


A:      Yes it does. You can do so by using the SIPTV.EU app. However do keep in mind that your Smart TV is no computer. It is less powerful and surely not as fast. Besides that, the stream is sent by the server of SIPTV, which often causes buffering or even malfunction. These stream interference’s are nót caused by HIPTV, for they leave our systems in a proper manner. Disturbance is often caused by apps on your Smart TV.

On top of that the EPG of SIPTV.EU is not ours. It is not as extended nor as accurate. So Smart IPTV is a friendly and easy app, but most certainly not a replacement for a separate IPTV Media Player, frequently named TV Box.

More explanation to be found here.


Q:      What kind of devices do you recommend?


A:      The MAG 351 of brand Infomir is the most reliable and user-friendly device. There are a lot of counterfeit devices, so do buy this product with an authorized retailer.

         For Windows 10 we recommend the Intel NUC. For Android devices we recommend NVIDIA Shield. Be aware though that 20,– Euro Android Boxes are often unsuitable to watch Full HD TV without interference, however it is all up to you. We strongly advice you against Formuler.


Q:      Does HIPTV itself sell devices?


A:      No, we do not.


Q:      Can one block or delete Adult content?


A:      The channels group For Adults has a child-proof lock coding, which allows you to set your own access-code. This default code on e.g. the MAG 256 is 0000, as it is in most cases.

This group can also be deleted from your M3U file using Notepad++ or the EPA tool.