Premium channels

Sport channels like Sky Sports, BT Sports But also Film channels like Sky Movies


Most channels are available in Full HD as well as in normal quality, so you´ll have free choice in how you watch TV.

No subscription

With us you are not stuck on a subscription. You decide the number of months you want to pay for. We will never automatically prolongue ourselves.

Video On Demand (VOD)

We provide a broad range of VOD´s. These are updated regularly. Please mail us for information, prices and free trial at [email protected]

Watch TV anywhere

Whether you are in the UK or abroad, you can watch HIPTV anywhere. The channel list remains the same where ever you are.


Practically all UK channels are available. For those who are interested HIP TV also provides other nationalities: Belgium, US, Dutch, German, Polish, Italy, etc.

Adult content

For fans of this genre we added a package with adult content.

Become a Reseller

Give your clients more options. Become a Reseller!

Want to watch your favourite TV channels where ever and whenever?
This can be easily done with HIPTV.

We have over 200+ channels. That should be enough!

For the Sports fans we have the SKY Sports channels, BT Sports, Eurosport, etc.
For the Film fans we have the SKY Movies channels, as well as VOD´s.
Check out the prices above. You can first apply for a 24-hours trial, to see whether you like it.